Slip and trip claims can occur in a variety of situations whether it be:

  1. In a shop,
  2. On a pavement
  3. Or even at work.

Most slips or falls are caused by cracked or uneven pavements, wet floors, unexpected obstacles and inadequate lighting.

The local council is responsible for keeping public walkways safe whilst businesses have a responsibility for ensuring hazards are clearly marked and visible for the public to see when on their premises and that walkways are also free from obstacles. Where ever your accident occurred, there will be someone who is responsible for your injury.

As we are a firm specialising in personal injury claims, we deal with a range of slip and trip claims from permanent scaring to minor bruising. If you wish to pursue a claim, we will assess your situation and advise you on the next steps for your compensation claim. We assure you we will keep you updated at every stage of your claim, provide you with the necessary assistance to aid your recovery and we will strive to reach the best possible outcome for your claim.

We can assist with rehabilitation including providing:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy